In Chinese face reading, they say our ears are related to our kidneys. But what if somebody will say that your that your ears are related to you personality too. Hardly we pay attention towards the shape of our ears, But after reading this you will see your ear shape in a mirror and will be excited to know what your personality is according to your ear shape.

Square Ear:

These people are very generous and simple in nature. They lead a simple life away from fantasies and chose peace over parties. They are not party animal kinda people and find joy close to nature and serenity. They are mostly down to earth.

Broad Lobe:

A broad lobe shows the sign of materialism. They are often more attentive towards mere things than emotions. Being with them is a task of facing their tantrums which obviously irritates their surroundings.

 Small Ears:

With small ears, you can recognize a person for his/her honesty. They are very kind in nature and over emotional. They fell deep in love which often comes as their weakness. They are often loud while having a discussion. They are born with a charming personality which attracts everyone around them.

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Large ears:

Large ears mean the person will be enthusiastic and confident. They have the power of charming people by their way of talking which takes them at higher levels. They can often recognise as ‘party ki Jaan‘.


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